Meet Our Pastor
Mass Dedication 2015 141
The Pastor

Frank Jacobs was born the sixth of 10 children to Supt. Lewis (deceased) and Mother Gladene Jacobs. Growing up in an industrial (steel) town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA, he learned the value of hard work. As a result, he secured his first job before becoming a teen and contributed to the household income.

As a youth, Frank’s mother made a comment that would be a pivotal point in his life. He requested that his parents purchase a pair of Nike’s he desired and upon denying the request, his mother simply said, “Boy, you like expensive things and you’ll need to go to college to be able to afford them”!  Frank decided that very moment to find a path to college and to finance it – somehow!

During the course of his investigation, Frank discovered that he’d essentially get a full scholarship if he was accepted into a military academy.  With that in mind, he focused his attention on the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Frank found the process to be competitive and grueling, in addition to learning that he had to be nominated by Congress for admission.  He persevered through the process and was eventually nominated by his U.S. Congressman for the Air Force Academy.  Over the course of a year, Frank received full scholarships from various universities as a student-athlete.  He ultimately accepted an invitation from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and graduated in 4 years with a Bachelor’s Degree.

With determination in his DNA, Frank decided as a senior (Biology/Pre-Pharmacy major) that he would work in the pharmaceutical industry.  Amazingly, he was hired almost immediately, by the foremost pharmaceutical company in the world.  Frank, being as competitive as he was, told his girlfriend Kimberly (whom he married) that he would achieve the rank of VP of Sales by his 40th birthday.  18 years after his prophetic comment and continued advancement, Frank Jacobs, at the age of 40, was promoted to VP of Sales for a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company!

Frank made every attempt to avoid the call to ministry, but had a heart-felt commitment to helping others. Even in corporate America, with all of his success, he remained highly involved in ministry and every aspect of that ministry flourished as a result of his involvement.  This was most evident when he and his wife Kimberly started a teenage 501c3 youth program within the church. The program grew from 11 youth to 300 in only a few years, drawing children from all walks of life (including the Amish community) and forcing them to move their weekly meetings from the church to a high school auditorium.  From an idea, to the U.S. Department of Education funding its programs, this 501c3 received millions of dollars in federal grants for almost a decade.

Frank later earned his Master’s Degree, completed multiple ministerial training programs, was licensed as a Minister and was eventually ordained as and Elder in The Church of God in Christ.  In a life-changing event, Frank suffered the loss of his father in 1999 and succeeded him as Pastor at the request of the Bishop.  In only a few years, the ministry grew exponentially and the Bishop then requested that Frank lead the State church (Pennsylvania). Upon accepting the new appointment in 2001, the State church grew 10 times its size in just 3 years.multiple ministerial training programs,

Frank and his family moved to Charlotte, NC upon being promoted by the pharmaceutical company for which he worked. He then assumed his toughest assignment as he was led by God to start a ministry from the ground.  With no history in Charlotte, no previous relationships, congregation, nor building, he was driven to start The Rock Worship Center COGIC.  In 2005, he secured a building and opened the doors with just 11 people.  To date, over 1500 people have joined The Rock Worship Center and Superintendent Jacobs is resolute that the ROCK has only just begun to be effective in Charlotte.
Superintendent Frank Jacobs has been married to Talk Show Host, Kimberly Jacobs, for the past 20 years.  This union has blessed them with 5 wonderful children; Frankie (18),  Ivan (14), Gabriel (12), Jeremiah (10), and Jayla (7).